ENPC | European Nursery Products Confederation

CEN and CENELEC Work Programme 2016

February 8, 2016

January 2016, European standards in the area of childcare products are expected to prevent accidents and injuries, whilst ensuring an appropriate balance between safety and other considerations (such as children’s development and enjoyment). In 2016, the main area of focus in 2016 will be nursery furniture. CEN will continue to support standardization activities in relation to mattresses for cots, seats for children, high chairs, chair-mounted seats, table-mounted chairs and suspended baby beds. CEN’s Technical Committee ‘Furniture’ (CEN/TC 207) will proceed with developing a new European Standard setting out safety requirements and test methods in relation to mattresses for cots and cribs (EN 16890), and revised editions of standards relating to ‘children’s cots and folding cots for domestic use’ (EN 716-1 & EN 716-2), in the framework of standardization request M/497 from the European Commission. The Technical Committee ‘Child use and care articles’ (CEN/TC 252) will proceed with revising European Standards in relation to pushchairs and prams (EN 1888-1) and strollers for children who weigh more than 15kg (EN 1888-2). This TC will also start work on revising the standard that deals with soother holders (EN 12586).