The European Nursery Products Confederation (ENPC) represents the childcare industries in Europe with the objective of creating a united voice to European Institutions and National administration as well as participating actively in the relevant European policy for the sector.


ENPC’s membership is comprised of national associations representing medium-size enterprises (SMEs) and major European industries supporting the competitiveness of the sector.


Located in Brussels, in the heart of European Affairs, ENPC’s goal is to offer a unique platform for the development of joint positions, to speak with a united voice for the industries represented and to promote the nursery industry’s participation in government affairs and in the safety requirements. The principle of the association is to become a committed partner to EU policy makers facilitating dialogue in a key sector for the protection of children.

What we do

ENPC achieves its goals by monitoring, cooperating, acting and participating as follows:

  • Monitoring new legislative development and inter-institutional relations through the European decision making process
  • Cooperating with our members and developing relations with international partners and policy makers
  • Acting where an EU action is required, representing the interests of our members and facilitating dialogue with policy makers and European stakeholders
  • Participating in the discussion of safety requirements at EU level providing technical expertise