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Product Safety Forum of Europe

PROSAFE (Product Safety Forum of Europe) is currently coordinating the Joint Action on GPSD Products 2013, otherwise known as JA2013. The overall programme started in January 2014 and will end in February 2016. The JA2013 is a single Action of joint pan-European market surveillance activities with focus on 5 products, amongst which child care articles (CCA) – cots and travel cots.

This product-specific activity will allow the development of best practices and the exchange experience with carrying out market surveillance on cots and travel cots. Other activities include product testing, risk assessment of the products tested and follow-up action needed to be taken. Nine EU and EEA Member States are directly involved in JA2013 Activity on Cots: Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Malta, the Netherlands and Portugal.

ENPC is an external stakeholder and we are closely following the project implementation and data results. In the coming two years, ENPC will be participating as an observer in the JA2013 Activity on Cots. The selection of this specific product resulted from a priority-setting exercise that was initiated within the framework of JA2011 and further developed under JA2012, two other PROSAFE coordinated actions. The CCA priority list should be confirmed and further updated by this working group.

ENPC has been consulted by PROSAFE and we agree on the priority list developed by the participating Market Surveillance Authorities for the coming years:

  • Carry Cots
  • Safety Barriers
  • Soother & Soother-holders
  • Products coming into contact with food (including feeding bottles)
  • Baby walkers
  • Changing units
  • Reclined cradles
  • Baby carriers

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