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Other relevant European Legislation

At European Level, other legislations are relevant to childcare article more than the General Product Safety Directive, which cover in a complementary mode to the main legislation. Some of the principal relevant legislations concerning child safety are the following:

The Child Restraint System Regulation of the United Nations is a step forward on further improvement of child safety, and it introduces improvements for protecting children travelling as extended rear facing position for the child, side impact, and new test tools.

Following REACH requirements, manufacturers and importers have to demonstrate that the substances are safely used on plastic goods or furniture in order to improve the protection of human health. For the nursery articles covered by the materials and articles intended to come into Contact with food , ENPC members have an effective quality management of their manufacturing operators in their supply chain, and the materials and articles are consistently controlled to ensure conformity with the rules.

For guaranteeing electrical products in compliance with the European legislation, ENPC members are conformed to the Directive on Restriction of hazardous substance in electric and electronic products as well as Radio equipment.

It is important that only safe childcare articles are sold in the European Market, Protecting intellectual property rights (IPR) as well as ensuring a proper IPR enforcement at the external border.

Other additional relevant legislations are the following:

For further information on European legislation concerning nursery products, please contact Ms Daniela Morghenti at daniela.morghenti@enpc.eu