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Births are on the rise in France

February 9, 2022

After six years of decline, finally some good news! The latest demographic report from INSEE shows that the birth rate and marriages are on the rise in France. Finally, in 2021, the birth curve goes up! Last year, 738,000 babies were born in France. The increase is slight: + 0.4%, or 3,000 additional births compared to 2020. The fertility rate is therefore slightly up, with 1.83 children per woman.  The average age of childbearing in France continues to rise: it is 30.9 years against 29.3 years in 2001.

In addition to births which are on the rise again, there are also marriages. Thus, if 2020 had experienced a gigantic fall (containment requirements…), in 2021, 220,000 marriages were celebrated. This figure is up by 42% compared to the year 2020.

As with the age of first childbearing, that of marriage is also increasing. Women marry, on average at 36.6 years and men at 39.1 years.